Welcome to Wow Gold Millionaire!

This is a blog about a few simple things:

  • How to make money in World of Warcraft
  • My characters journey to the wow gold cap (999,999g – not quite a million)
  • Making Warcraft as easy as possible for other players via macro’s, addon’s and other helpful tips, videos and guides

World of Warcraft is an online game. I emphasize the word game, as if we read much of what is posted about it you might be forgiven for thinking it was complicated. It really isn’t and what is more the game is designed for you to succeed!

The game developers want you to play and enjoy it, but they need to keep you playing.

For this reason there is a conflict between players that often want everything now and game developers that want to slow down the character development process in order to keep everyone coming back.

The model that wow uses is one in which gear is constantly evolving (as I write this it is patch 5.4, with Warlords of Draenor scheduled as the next content update). This evolution means there is a constant demand for cash to buy enchants, new gear, potions and flasks for raiding and so on. All these consumables cost gold.

Dev’s want to slow down gold acquisition and players want to maximize it.

Many gold making blogs write about specific areas that are good for gold farming. I think this is a mistake.

Writing about specifics leads the dev’s to nerf the drop rates in these areas and make them less attractive to players – this spoils things for everyone. I am therefore unlikely to name precise areas that are good for grinding gold.

What I will do instead is point to things that a player can look for generally and then apply these principles in game in order to make more gold per hour.

In order to demonstrate that what I am saying is true I will start a new character on a realm where I have no other characters to help or send gold.

My aim is to make one million gold in less than one year – although I expect it to take much less time than that.

Accepting the limitations of having a real life, I intend to post once a week or so in order to detail how things are going as well as posting other articles, guides, tips and so on that a Warcraft player will likely find useful.