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As this is a first post I will give some detail about how this website came into being and a little about myself. I honestly expect this post to be read by myself, a few friends and a Google search engine spider and that will be about it, but you never know!

I first started playing World of Warcraft in late Vanilla. I came to WoW from another online MMO, called City of Heroes, due to the never ending list of in game bugs that the game developers seemed unable or unwilling to fix. City of Heroes is sadly no more. It was a great game, but suffered from a serious lack of care and development. Coming to Warcraft was kind of revolutionary back then.

Warcraft had seemingly “alive” villages and no “zoning” download delays. Zoning is the process by which you move from one area of the game to another. In CoH changing zones was quite clunky.  You clicked on a gate and then waited for the next zone to load. By contrast, in WoW you just moved your character to where you wanted to go and most zones loaded seemlessly, in the background!  I was hooked.

Like many players the depth of the game-play offered by Warcraft was confusing at first. Yes, I was a “noob”, but the process of learning about the game was fun. Walking everywhere at low level made you groan when you realized that something had been forgotten, but it added realism. Getting a first mount was awesome! You mean I don’t have to walk?

Of course getting a first mount was expensive – very expensive.

Like many new players to MMO’s I suffered from a serious lack of cash. Saving for a mount was a problem. As the game later developed in The Burning Crusade and flying mounts became available I again found myself short of cash. What had changed by this time was my increased understanding of warcraft addons like auctioneer. I was finally starting to make gold!

Auctioneer and other addons revolutionized Wow for me. If there was an aspect of the user interface (UI) I did not like, away it went…

Short of gold? By learning to play the auction house I could make money by listing auctions for two days and on my return have cash waiting for me.  Great!