Buy Golden Lotus Fast

Macro for Buying Golden Lotus

Buy Golden Lotus FastSince the release of World of Warcraft patch 6.02 Spirit of Harmony are no longer soulbound. This means that they can be traded between your own characters or bought and sold on the auction house or by face to face trading. A major use and perhaps the most profitable use for Spirit of Harmony is to buy Golden Lotus x2 from the Alliance or Horde vendors in Valley of the Four Winds (Danky – Horde, or Krystel – Alliance).

The problem is that each trade requires you to click on the item you want and then click on a confirmation box to complete the purchase. While this doesn’t sound time consuming, if you are buying several hundred Golden Lotus it can take quite a long time. This macro speeds up the process by allowing you to buy as fast as you can click the button!

Simple Macro to buy Golden Lotus Fast! *

/run BuyMerchantItem(6)

That’s it!

Well, almost…

Guide to Using Buy Merchant Item Macro *

Open the macro interface – type “/macro” (without the quotation marks) into the chat box. The window opens on General Macro’s by default, but you may want to make this a character specific macro (if using a bank toon for example).  There is no advantage to either choice in this case as you do not need extra character length because the macro is so short.

Press “New”

In the new window that opens type something memorable like “Buy Golden Lotus

Select an icon (the question mark works best, but this is up to you)

Press “Okay”

Below where it says “Enter macro commands:” type

#showtooltip Golden Lotus
/run BuyMerchantItem(6)

Then press “Save”

Vendor Macro Creation Screen

Drag the newly created macro from the top box of buttons onto a toolbar, or keybind it.

Now go to the merchant for your faction and click on them to open the trade window. Assuming you have Spirit of Harmony in your inventory each time you click the button you will trade one spirit for 2x Golden Lotus.

Modifying this Buy Merchant Item Macro *

The quick witted amongst you will have realised that the macro does not just have to be for item number 6. Whatever merchant window you have open numbers in the same way – from left to right and top to bottom.  For example the fourth merchant item shown above was Windwool Cloth. It is a simple matter to change the macro  line to /run BuyMerchantItem(4) and call the macro “Buy Windwool Cloth” or something equally memorable.

Merchant Window Item Numbers *

1     2
3     4
5     6
7     8

and so on.

You can also substitute

/run buyMerchantItem(6)


/run BuyMerchantItem(index, quantity)

So to buy ten Golden Lotus the macro would be

/run BuyMerchantItem(6, 10)

I personally don’t use this though as the single purchase macro is fast enough if spammed.

Spirit of Harmony Trader Items *

The full list of vendor items available as of patch 6.02 is:

1= Ironpaw Token
2= Restored Artifact
3= Starlight Ink
4= Windwool Cloth
5= Pandaria Herbs
6= Golden Lotus
7= Spirit Dust
8= Mysterious Essence
9= Ethereal Shard
10= Ghost Iron Ore
11= Kyparite
12= Black Trillium Ore
13= White Trillium Ore
14= Exotic Leather
15= Prismatic Scale
16= Serpent’s Eye

Have fun and happy trading!